About us

YOGANGHaus is a warm, welcoming, cozy and „unintimidating“ space to learn and play around with yoga, pilates and mediation.


We offer a variety of movement classes and different approaches so you can experience and explore it for yourself and find what suits you individually.


Our visitors are either on their spiritual journey and/or are interested in a healthy and fit lifestyle. Its a space to connect and give people soil to grow and go on inner journeys to their deeper selves. Every teacher has deep knowledge in their field.

The concept

We are closley connected to our friends from Yummy Vintage. Our space is a vintage store during the day and a yoga studio in the mornings and evenings (before 12:30 and after 8:00 pm). This way we are using the rooms in a sustainable way to create a sense of community.



Bürknerstrasse 12

12047 Berlin


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